22 ITEMS EVERY Mom Should Have in Their Handbag!

Hello my darlings, today’s post is going to be about the essential thing every mom should have in her purse.

Let’s be honest, a purse is a girl’s best friend. We never leave a home without it. As a woman and a mother I always have to be prepared for anything and everything. So this is my list of essentials that every woman and mother should have in her purse.

1. Phone charger, I think that there is no need for me to explain why you need this, and just in case bring a charger that you can use in the car.

2. Makeup bag, bring just some essentials that you know that you use daily.

3. Nail file, you really never know when you will have a broken nail, and when you are on the go mamma, sometimes you just don’t have time for simple things like fixing your broken nail.




7. Sanitizer, kids touch anything and everything, so this is a MUST in mamas bag.

8. Wet wipes, you don’t have to have babies to carry a wet wipes with you. Kids get dirty easily and they constantly spill things, so this is another MUST have in every bag.

9.Bobby pins, headbands and hair ties


11.Pads and tampons. Sometimes is easy to forget to check your calendar, this already happened to me. And it was embarrassing, to say the least. From that day on, I never leave the house without it.


13.Pen and notebook, in my case 2 notebooks and at least 5 or 6 pens


15.Snacks, just in case your children get hungry during a car ride, and they are always hungry.

16.Bottle of water for you and kids, we need to stay hydrated.

17.Bandages, when you have kids you never know when will you need them, better safe than sorry.


19.Toys and/or crayons for longer trips, so you can keep them occupied

20.Caffeine for tired momma, we just need caffeine to get through the day.

21.Headache medicine, especially for days when kids just can’t seem to get along, and you feel like your head is going to explode.

22.A traveled size deodorant

These are just some basic things that I think every momma should have in her bag. And how do I fit all those things in my bag you ask? Well, I carry a big bag. I have 5 bags that go with all my outfits, and I rotate them weekly. I love to organize them so that when I open my bag I can easily find things that I need.

Miguel de Cervantes Once said, “To be prepared is half the victory.” And as mom you really need to be pepaired.

I hope you find this list useful. Tell me in the comments below what are your bag essentials? Let’s chat in the comments and help each other be more prepared for our everyday life with kids.

That’s it for this blog post my darlings. Until tomorrow, love you, stay safe and I will talk to you soon.


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