Making a transition from „normal“ to vegan food

Hello my darlings, today I had a very intense experience. I will like to share it with you. In my close neighborhood there is an animal farm, and today I herd things that really opened my eyes, and made me sick to my stomach.

We all know where meat comes from, that is not a big secret. We just don’t really think about it. We all think that if you don’t see it or hear it’s ok. And it definitely is not ok. Nobody deserves to live not knowing when it’s your time to die. To hear those cries is heartbreaking. I feel like crying just thinking about it. And today I said to my self nope, no more meat or any animal product. I know as an individual I can’t change the world, but at least I will sleep peacefully knowing that I am not hurting any animals.

So today I found a woman in my country that runs a vegan blog. I send her a message, and she was so sweet and so helpful. I already plan to visit her blog every day to find inspiration for amazing vegan recipes. I will try to update you about how easy or hard it is to make that transition after 34 years. And I will blog about all the recipes that I tried and really love. I hope to inspire at least one person to stop and think about the food they put on their plates.

I hope you like this kind of post because they will become regular on my blog. Let’s try to give voice and support for those who can not fend for themselves. Let’s unite all animal lovers and try to at least make a little difference in those animal lives.

Until next post, my darlings, love you, stay safe and I will talk to you soon.


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