How to tell if you’re ready for another baby

The decision to grow a family is no small thing. That’s a huge change not only for you and your partner but also for your older kids. It changes a family dynamic a lot. But that change doesn’t have to be bad if you are ready for it.

If you think that maybe you are ready to add another bundle of joy to your clan, you should look for these signs that will show you that you have baby fever or not.

Your ovaries are screaming

If you can physically feel when your ovaries release an egg at the sight of a newborn, it can only mean that you are ready to have another baby.

The thought of baby shoes and clothes excites you

Did you just read this and smiled? If you’re smiling right now thinking about all the cute baby stuff, it can be a clue that you ready for another baby.

You have a baby name on your brain

If you find your self looking through the baby book looking for a name that would go well with your older kid’s names, it may be a sign that you are ready for a baby.

You don’t want to give your friends baby beck

The best part about visiting your friend’s baby is that you can give them their baby beck as soon as it starts crying. But, if you find your self volunteering to change their baby’s diaper, or put them to sleep, just so you can hold the baby a bit longer, it may mean that you are ready to expand your family.

You’re already making space

If you are looking for nursery decor on Pinterest, and already planning where crib and changing table could go, and looking for bigger cars, it means that you are ready to add another little one to your family.

You can’t stop looking at your kids baby pictures

Nothing makes your ovaries go crazy like looking at your kid’s newborn pictures and remembering that feeling you had while holding your precious little bundle while enjoying that sweet, newborn baby smell. It can make you feel all mushy inside. Plus, if these photos make you nostalgic, it could mean that you are ready to have another baby.

You can look at all the lists on the internet to find out whether you are ready for another baby or not, and still not be so sure. You don’t need all those lists, your heart and mind will tell you when it’s the right time. But it’s still fun to browse the internet to find out whether or not you have baby fever. And that’s what are these lists are for, to make you laugh, and help you relax when you feel stressed.

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