The benefits of kids growing up with pets

Many of us like to say that the dog is man’s best friend, but truth be told, a dog is a kid’s best friend. Every parent should know these facts, even if you don’t have children, to see all the positive impact pets have on children.

They learn responsibility

Caring for a pet is a daily task, and having a pet teaches child dependability and responsibility. It’s important to remind your child that he is responsible for taking care of pets’ needs. Whether it is filling his water bowl, or giving him his food, or maybe taking him for a walk, or playing with him, the child needs to know that those are his responsibilities.

Emotional Development

Pets give us love for free, without expecting anything in return. If children grow up with pets, they will develop their emotional skills more quickly. They will have greater empathy to notice if their animal is calm, cheerful, or restless. The child will know how important it is to respect others, the importance of caring, loving, accompanying, etc.

They have a healthier heart.

Owning a pet is linked to increased cardiovascular health. It might be because being around a dog can lower your stress, your blood pressure, and your heart rate.

Pets help them build their self-confidence.

To the kids, the pets are like humans. So they play with them like they would with their best friend. They talk to them, play with them, cuddle and even get angry. They display their emotional feelings to their pet without the fear of being judged would play a significant role in building their self-confidence.

Having a pet reduces loneliness.

Pets are great companions for kids. They have a constant friend in their pet, as they would never get bored of playing with them. Such a kid would rarely feel lonely.

Having a pet reduces the risk of developing asthma.

According to research, kids with pets are less likely to develop asthma. No one is sure how this works, but speculations say that constant exposure to animal fur straighten their longs and keep their air passage clear.

Having a pet increases their physical mobility.

Whether they are taking a pet for a walk or playing fetch, pets provide a unique opportunity for children to engage in physical activities. And bonus, by encouraging them to run and play with their pets, it can tire both of them, which is a bonus for the family.


A pet is always a loyal pet who will be next to your kid no matter what. Your children see dogs as another member of the family, a companion with whom to share their time when they feel alone, are sick, or feel depressed. The pet often becomes the family psychologist, that great friend to trust and be able to talk when you need it most. That’s why the benefits of children growing up with pets are many.

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