5 Things every child wants to hear from their parents

No matter how old your children are, or in what stage in life they are, there is a certain thing they want to hear from their parents. So here are the 5 things every child wants to hear from their parents.

I love you

Three words that every child, no matter the age, wants to hear from their parents. Those three words are most important words in the world.

I am proud of you

Every child wants to know that his parents are proud of him. They need to know that you see them and that you are validating what the accomplished. Be specific about what makes you proud of them. When you use concrete examples of why you’re proud, it helps them to understand themselves better.

I am sorry

We have to model what it looks like to be an adult and apologize when we make mistakes, and we have to mean it because they’ll learn by example.

I believe in you

Behind every child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed in him first.

I am listening

And sometimes, the best you can do for your kid is to listen. Listen to what they have to say, and don’t interrupt them, because sometimes all they want is to be heard and understood.

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